Friday, September 25, 2020

May I extend my rental beyond the original return date?

Yes, if you wish to extend any rental, in the U.S. and you choose not to return the car on or before your originally scheduled return date, an additional hold will be placed on your debit or credit card to cover the additional expected rental charges. Upon your return of the car, the holds will be released, and the actual cost of the rental will be charged. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any returned checks due to debit card hold processing. Also, depending on the cost of the new rental at the counter, it may be more economical to purchase a new Car Rental Shop voucher online, thus initiating a new rental agreement while closing out the old one. We will be happy to accommodate your request, if possible. Please note that due to high and low season pricing, the original rental rate may no longer be available for extension.


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