Thursday, September 24, 2020

I may need the rental car for more days than I planned. What should I do?

There are two options available in this type of scenario. First, if you're planning on using the vehicle for more days than anticipated, you have the option of extending the rental while you are in your destination of choice. Note that you will be subject to the local rate at their counter for the additional days.

However, if you wish to secure your vehicle at Car Rental Shop's low rates, you can simply purchase the Car Rental Shop voucher online and apply it to your additional days. (Or one can close out the original rental agreement, and start fresh with the newly purchased voucher. Either way, you can receive the lowest available rate at your convenience!

(Note that this may be more preferred method rather than purchasing an original voucher for a superfluous amount of days which you may not use. Remember, there is no cash refund, and if you do not use your credits within the six-month period, you may lose them).


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